Circular furniture panels for living and working environments.

Did you know that glues are often used in your average furniture panel? This makes separating and reusing the materials after use nearly impossible. Our altogether new panel concept and manufacturing process enables the production of high-quality and distinctive panels that are fully recyclable.

Furniture panels with a Niaga®️ tag are made of a recyclable core material. The top layer is attached by our click-unclick polyester-based adhesive. That’s it.

Healthy furniture panels, designed to use again

Niaga®️-tagged furniture panels are healthier and more sustainable than the current standard. They’re easy to repair and refurbish. Our click-unclick adhesive allows for easy removal of the top layer, thereby significantly extending the panel’s use cycle. At the end of its use cycle, it can be recycled back into new panels. What’s more, the panels are free of formaldehyde and have no added VOCs. This makes them great for indoor air quality.

Return is key

The Niaga® tag enables producers to get their materials back at the end of each product’s use cycle. It creates awareness with the end user and gives them clear and easy instructions on how to return their furniture panels when they’re done with them. Together, we turn waste streams into infinite material streams, bringing high-quality resources back to life for new high-quality applications, again and again. 

This is how we design with the end in mind

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Chantal Jörissen
Director New business development at Niaga®

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