Revor Circular Softtech

Thank you for checking in. Revor Circular Softtech is not your average mattress. It has been designed to use again. That’s how its clean and infinite materials will not end up as waste. You’re one step away from keeping them out of the trash. Here’s how.

What’s inside

To know if a mattress is recyclable, we need to know which materials are used. That’s why Revor Circular Softtech is made with carefully selected materials that make mattress to mattress recycling possible.
  • Steel For the springs
  • Polyester For everything else
Your Revor Circular Softtech comes with a unique product passport that gives you all the details about its features and its exact ingredients. That’s how you know what’s inside.
Product Passport

How to return

Please give your Revor Circular Softtech another life by returning it once it has reached the end of its life with you. By returning your product, you are safeguarding the valuable materials inside for future generations. Thank you for keeping it out of the trash.

About us

About Niaga
At Niaga®, we are future-proofing everyday products by making sure materials don't have to end up as waste. Ever. Together with our partners, we design out waste, completely. We design to use again. So far, we have developed mattresses, carpet, and furniture panels. They are healthier and fully recyclable, without compromising on performance. By scanning the Niaga® tag, you’ll see exactly what a product is made of and how it can be returned. More product redesigns are underway.
About Revor
Revor is a manufacturer of quality mattresses, based in the heart of west-flanders. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to improve our products. Innovation in ergonomics, aesthetics and durability.

This constant urge to improve our products led to our Circular Mattress, which we redesigned together with Niaga®. This innovative, premium quality & very sustainable mattress can be fully disassembled and recycled after its service life, and all materials can be reused to create a new mattress. When you opt for the circular mattress, you contribute to creating a more sustainable and waste-free future. Allowing you to sleep without any worries!