A circular world is at your feet.

Did you know that carpet is traditionally made by using a complex set of materials, glued together with latex? Separating and reusing these materials after use is nearly impossible. Our technology introduces an altogether new concept for carpet manufacturing and recycling.

Carpet with the Niaga®️ tag is made of only one or two materials. Mono-carpet is made by using polyester only. Duo-carpet is made with polyester and polyamide 6 or polyester and wool. The different layers are connected with our click-unclick polyester-based Niaga®️ adhesive. That’s it. Happily, both are clean and infinite materials. 

Healthy carpet, designed to use again

Carpet with a Niaga®️ tag is healthier, safer and far more sustainable than the current standard. It’s hypo-allergenic and improves air quality as it doesn’t contain added VOCs. It’s naturally fire-retardant and easy to clean due to the open structure of the backing. 

Return is key

The Niaga® tag enables producers to get their materials back at the end of each product’s use cycle. It creates awareness with the end user and gives them clear and easy instructions on how to return their carpet when they’re done with it. Together, we turn waste streams into infinite material streams, bringing high-quality resources back to life for new high-quality applications, again and again. 

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Other applications

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