Design with the end in mind.

In a circular economy, keeping materials in the loop is the ultimate goal. The bittersweet truth is that most recycling is actually downcycling. Eventually, materials still end up as waste. Eliminating waste requires us to radically alter our design mindset. We need to design with the end in mind, based on the principles below.

Keep it simple

Keeping it simple is no easy task. We need to redesign everyday products from scratch, with far fewer ingredients than typical. We also need to use the lowest possible diversity of materials, so that we can outsmart material complexity. 

Clean and infinite materials

Some materials can be transformed back into equal or similar products. Like metal and glass: they retain their full value after use. By selecting materials carefully and not adding harmful product to them clean and thereby infinite. Such products are ideally suited for use in products designed for circularity.

Reversible connections

All-polyester Niaga®️click-unclick adhesive is key to bonding different materials in such a way that they can be easily taken apart at end of use. It’s a prerequisite to circular design: allowing materials to be returned to their respective material streams instead of ending up as waste.

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