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Did you know that many complex material mixes and glues are used when constructing your average mattress? This makes recycling nearly impossible. Covestro LA1030 or LA1020 click-unclick, all-polyester adhesives enables mattress manufacturing and recycling fit for circularity. 

Mattresses designed for circularity are made of polyester and steel only. That’s it. Happily, both are clean and infinite materials. By connecting the various components with polyester Covestro LA1030 or LA1020 click-unclick adhesives such materials stay clean and infinite, ready for reuse or recycling at a mattresses’ end of use.

Healthy mattresses, designed to use again

Mattresses designed for circularity are safer, healthier and more sustainable than the current standard. They’re hygienic and offer outstanding sleep performance with excellent ventilation properties. What’s more, they’re better for your health and the planet as they have no added VOCs, flame retardants, or other additives.  

Return is key

Get mattresses designed for circularity back at the end of use cycle for recycling. In this way waste streams can be turned into infinite material streams, and bring high-quality resources back to life for new, high-quality applications, again and again.

This is what a circular mattress is made of

The design of the patented mattress is simple: at Auping they use only two materials – polyester and steel. Steel for the springs and polyester for other components: from the pockets and comfort layers, to the cover and zipper. Polyester is easy to recycle, with no loss in quality. It keeps its original properties. Importantly, both steel and polyester are fully recyclable for use in new, highest quality mattresses.

Closing the loop

For a mattress to be truly circular it must not only be designed and made with the right materials, it must also be returned at end of use for disassembly and recycling. This requires close collaboration between all partners in the mattress eco-system. From material suppliers, to manufacturers, logistics partners, and recyclers, to fibre manufacturers. Working together, they ensure that clean and infinite mattress materials stay in the loop for use in high-quality products.

"We have been frontrunners in the circular mattress industry for years. Now we are making circular technology available to mattress manufacturers as a profitable business model, so that we can jointly work towards a waste-free and sustainable mattress industry"

- Jan-Joost Bosman, CEO Royal at Royal Auping

Interested in the mattress technology?

Dutch-based mattress manufacturer Auping launched the world’s first ever fully circular mattress.
Today, some 80% of their mattresses are designed for circularity.
Get in touch and find out how Auping can support you in fulfilling your sustainability goals by creating circular mattresses.


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