Niaga® click-unclick adhesives

Many materials used in products – including glues – make separation, reuse and recycling of materials impossible. It’s why such everyday products such as carpets, mattresses and furniture panels are among the largest contributors to landfill and incineration waste. 

Niaga® click-unclick adhesives connect materials in such a way that they are easily separated at end of use. They ensure easy disassembly and full recovery of valuable, clean materials.

Separate materials for recycling into new products

Niaga® click-unclick adhesives unclick at high temperature. Materials and components can be disassembled and separated for refurbishment, reuse or recycling.

All-polyester adhesives

When used in mono-materials applications – such as mattresses and carpets designed for circularity –  Niaga® click-unclick adhesives can be recycled into infinite polyester material streams.

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No additives needed

Niaga® click-unclick adhesive is the healthy choice.

Easy dismantling

Unclick and dismantle components for refurbishment, reuse or recycling.

Easy to recycle

Mono-material streams for full recycling.

Making it real

Carpet, mattress and furniture panels are among the top 10 bulky waste items worldwide. Now manufacturers have successfully redesigned these products to make them healthier and fully recyclable. Such redesigns are all possible thanks to unique Niaga® click-unclick adhesive. 


Designed for circularity they are safer, healthier and more sustainable than the current standard.


Made of only one or two materials and using Niaga® click-unclick adhesive to connect the different layers.

Furniture panels

Made from a recyclable core material, with HPL bonded to the panel using Niaga® click-unclick adhesive.

"The click-unclick adhesive was the missing link to solving our circular puzzle for mattresses."

Jan Joost Bosman - CEO at Royal Auping


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