Counting down to Dutch Design Week

Just 1 day left until Dutch Design Week kicks off. We’ll be showcasing some of our promising products at this year’s leading design fair. What’s more, we’ll be spreading the word about our design philosophy. Simple, clean and reversible design is the way forward. At Dutch Design Week, we’ll show you that it can be done.

There’s a ton of different materials being used in your average everyday product. Do you know what materials make up the shoes you’re wearing today? Your electric kettle? The mattress that you sleep on? Knowledge about the materials used can help us make informed decisions about our health, and that of the planet. #whatsinit?

Here’s the bottom-line. Over the decades, industrial production has become increasingly complex. Product composition has gone up from just several to many components that are often put together in ways that are irreversible. This renders the components’ base materials useless at the end of the product’s life cycle. As recycling experts tend to say, "Complexity is a nightmare, glues are a disaster."

This complexity is unnecessary. The designs of the future are simple, clean, and reversible. Modular design that makes optimal use of materials’ intrinsic beauty is the way forward. Honoring materials’ essential qualities makes sense as it serves all of us and our shared future. At Dutch Design Week, we will show you that it can be done.

Let’s start by radically questioning the way in which we have been designing our everyday stuff. We invite you to start asking material-related questions: What’s in it? Once we’re done with the product, can we take it apart and retrieve the different components it contains? Is product-to-product recycling possible after use?

Please come find us at the Embassy of Sustainable Design at Dutch Design Week. We look forward to sharing our story. Let’s future-proof our everyday products by making them radically healthier for people and planet. Let’s #beatcomplexity


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