Lesson 2
You need early adopters who are in it for the long haul

Mijn Tabel

Till the time that the circular economy becomes the norm, and products end up as waste, materials and their value are lost. To ensure materials retain their value and can be recycled, high upfront investments are needed.

It’s a hurdle that only companies with a long-term view – with a willingness to redesign products and production processes, and organize take back and recycling – can overcome. Because to take the steps towards circular requires systemic change and intrinsic motivation to swim in against the tide.

It also calls for close collaboration in, and transparency throughout, the supply chain. So that manufacturers can design and produce new products using clean and infinite materials, consumers know where and how to return products, and recyclers know what products consist of and how to recycle the materials.

Early adopters like Auping, Object Carpet and Vepa have been willing to look beyond the short term and their own industries. We’ve found that these family-owned businesses are into stuff for the long run (and not just short-term gains) and are the ones that dare take the plunge. As purpose-driven companies, they have the power to decide, innovate and accept a lower margin and/or higher investment to start off with.

These early adopters are convinced that circularity, and a collaborative approach within the value chain are the only way to go for ensuring a sustainable future. And their approach is successful: their extensive industry insights and manufacturing experience, has been the basis of a successful collaboration to which Niaga® has brought a deep knowledge of materials and their ingredients. Combining these strengths, they are now, producing ground-breaking products fit for circularity. In doing so, they have proven the power and potential of circular products.

As the circular economy gains traction, they’re going beyond competition and sharing their know-how, experience and technology by way of collaborative growth.

Mijn Tabel

“Now that we have substantiated the value of circular solutions for the carpet industry, we look forward to expanding our partnerships with industry peers and the supply chain. Sharing knowledge is crucial to achieving any circular economy ambitions.”
Daniel Butz, Managing Director and owner of Object Carpet GmbH

"We have been frontrunners in the circular mattress industry for years. The opening of our new factory - making the production of circular mattresses significantly more efficient - is a first in our industry worldwide and a true milestone. We choose ambitious targets because we believe that organizations share the responsibility for safeguarding our planet for future generations. This has now resulted in this innovative production line, which makes us ready for a sustainable future. At Auping we are also making circular technology available to other mattress manufacturers as a profitable business model, so that we can jointly work towards a waste-free and sustainable mattress industry."
Jan-Joost Bosman, CEO Royal Auping

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