"We're eager to set an example and show it can be done"

Meet Yvar Monasch, CEO at Best Wool

“Before I was born, all carpet was made of wool only. Over the course of the years, many other materials have entered the equation,” Yvar Monasch, CEO at Best Wool, describes how the carpet manufacturing process has become increasingly complex over time.

Best Wool intends to reverse this process. “As we move towards the future, we will make sure that all materials we use, preferably wool, will be reusable,” he says. “For Best Wool, but also for me personally, the way in which the Niaga® adhesive interacts with wool has been a great eye opener. It makes sure that our carpets are constructed well and are reversible at the same time.” That’s how Best Wool ensures that none of its carpet has to end up as waste.

“The great thing about wool is that it’s biodegradable and that it cleans the air. Also, all carpet has one big advantage over other types of flooring, which is the added value of comfort.” 
Yvar Monasch - CEO at Best Wool, Monasch

Healthy and circular.

Best Wool has been working for over ten years to make its products both biodegradable and circular. “Together with Niaga®, we have found a great solution. The beautiful thing about Niaga® technology is that it enables us to use two different materials, allowing us to separate the biodegradable from the polyester, so that both can be reused,” Yvar says.

“Together with Niaga®, we want to create a healthy and circular product that we can produce within our own factory in a continuous and consistent process. We’re eager to set an example and show it can be done,” Yvar concludes.

This story is part of our Frontrunner Partner Series, in which we celebrate our invaluable partnerships. Niaga® and Best Wool have been collaborating on the development of fully recyclable and healthy carpet from the very beginning.


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