Mexican-based Zebrands launched its fully recyclable Luuna Zero mattress

Mexican-based Zebrands launched its fully recyclable Luuna Zero mattress developed in close collaboration with Niaga®. Made based on the Niaga® design principles simple design, clean and infinite materials and reversible connections, this mattress only contains polyester, steel and the signature Niaga® click-unclick adhesive. This ensures the mattress can be recycled into new, highest quality mattresses at end of use. Luuna Zero offers the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and sustainability.

Guillermo Villegas, Zebrands Co-Founder & CMO: "Our partnership with Niaga® is driven by a shared vision of a future where products are designed with circularity in mind. We are excited to work together to develop a mattress that not only delivers exceptional comfort and support to our customers but also allows for the recovery and reuse of valuable materials. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to continuous innovation and pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the sleep industry."

Zebrands is the first company outside Europe to produce circular mattresses. Production is done in-house using Niaga® technology. It is their intention to also set up a return and recycling infrastructure for end-of-use mattresses in the near future.

About Luuna
Luuna, founded in 2015, revolutionized the Mexican mattress industry by introducing the first mattress-in-a-box concept with a 100% online sales model and hassle-free trial nights. Within a year, Luuna became a favorite among consumers, gaining over 500,000 customers and establishing 50 retail stores.

With a successful second round of funding in 2017, securing 100 million pesos, Luuna garnered recognition as one of Latin America's most successful startups by Endeavor and earned a spot on Forbes' "30 Under 30" list.

About Niaga®
At Niaga®, we are future-proofing everyday products by making sure materials don't have to end up as waste. Together with our partners, we design out waste. We design to use again. So far, we have developed mattresses, carpet, and furniture panels. They are healthier and fully recyclable, without compromising on performance. Scan the Niaga® tag on our partners’ products and see what they are made of and how they can be returned. More product redesigns are underway. Niaga® is part of Covestro. 

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Sascha Bloemhoff
Strategic Marketing Director Niaga®
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