Top 10 lessons learned in designing out waste for a circular future

Celebrating 10 years of designing out waste!

We’re off to a proud start of 2024, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand Niaga®. A name that comes from spelling ‘again’ backwards. It reflects our ambition to design out waste by redesigning products for reuse, refurbishment and recycling.

Over the next weeks, we’ll be sharing our 10 most important lessons learned for designing out waste. So that products – and their materials – can be used again and again.

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Lesson 1 — Persist in playing to fulfil your dream

Mijn Tabel

Here goes with the very first lesson learned for designing out waste!
Chris Reutelingsperger, founder of Niaga®: “I had a dream, that we would start considering things such as water, energy and materials as things of worth. Already in 2004, my motto was ‘Kill out waste, design for reuse’. The word ‘circularity’ was not used at the time, but I was convinced this was the only way forward. I started turning my dream into a vision by building my own house which, at the time, was uniquely off-grid.”

“Fiber binding was a serendipity”
Chris Reutelingsperger, founder of Niaga®

#10years #10lessonslearned #circulareconomy#designtouseagain

Lesson 2 — Think out of the box to make it click

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Lesson 3 — Dare to fail, again and again

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