Contributing to a waste-free world was never this easy.

In a consumer market that's full of noise and mixed messages, the Niaga®️ tag is your guide in contributing to a world without waste. Products carrying a Niaga®️ tag are designed to use again. They're proven to be high-quality and better for your health, too. If you return your product when you're done with it, its valuable materials will be used again. You’re the missing link to making it a reality. The tag shows you how.

What's in store

These are the Niaga®-tagged products that have been brought to market so far. More are underway.
Office interior with large windows opening onto green landscape symbolizing a sustainable office fitted with circular furniture.

Are you pioneering circular purchasing?

Are you working on a circular hospitality concept or pulling together a circular work space? Kudos to you for making an essential contribution to bringing the circular economy to life. Get in touch and we’ll gladly help solve your puzzle, offering our knowledge and network.

Sascha Bloemhoff
Marketing Director

How to return your product for a waste-free world.

A recyclable product that isn’t returned won’t be recycled. Return your product to make sure it doesn’t become waste. This is how we safeguard the valuable materials inside for future generations. The Niaga® tag shows you how.


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