Niaga® and Royal Auping to develop fully recyclable mattresses

Date published: 11 | 11 | 17

Royal Auping is the first non-carpet company that will use the Niaga® technology to develop fully recyclable mattresses. The collaboration between Niaga® and Royal Auping will give complementary insights to this redesign challenge. Royal Auping will bring in all its mattress and sleep-related know-how where Niaga® will offer its expertise and material science.

Building on the redesign of carpet by Niaga®, a similar adhesive technology can be used to separate layers within the mattress after use. This makes it easier to recover different material streams in the recycling process, closing the materials loop for mattresses.


Royal Auping has been continuously improving the material health and recyclability of its mattresses. It was the first to launch a system to take back used mattresses for recycling when customers buy a new one. Niaga® redesigns everyday products for full recyclability back in the same product. The first product redesigned was carpet, resulting in technology to make mono-material carpets that are fully recyclable. The collaboration with Royal Auping shows that Niaga® technology creates opportunities for circular design in products that go beyond carpet.

Josse Kunst, general manager at Niaga®, commented, “This collaboration with Royal Auping unlocks the potential of Niaga® technology for circular design in other markets. We are impressed by Royal Auping’s innovative mindset and are looking forward to radically improve mattress recyclability together.”

Bart Jan Scholte, director brand & product marketing at Royal Auping, commented, “At Royal Auping, we create comfortable sleeping solutions for now and in the future. We invest in sustainability and have the ambition to organize all our business processes, products and services in a circular manner. Niaga® is the perfect partner for us to build further on current achievements, based on its material science and drive for innovation. We are both proud of our Dutch roots and our more than 100-year heritage. This next step in renewing our mattresses fits our drive to constantly innovate, strive for a better footprint and to re-use materials.”

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